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Information Design

The first inforgraphic is called Pollination. It displays pollination patterns in the United States. It exhibits a various flowers and plants, their pollinators, their blooming seasons and locations. The colors of the bars are true to the real colors of the flowers. 

The second infographic is called The Universe of Type. It exhibits the top 100 typefaces chosen by FontShop. It consists of three axes, the x, y, and z axes. The x axis lists the designers of the typefaces, the y axis lists the top 100 typefaces (the best at the top), and the z axis is a timeline that records the designer's lifespan revealing when he/she designed the typeface. The colors of the plotted point show the style of the different typefaces (serif, sans serif, slab serif, or script). All of the information together resembles a universe, a universe of type.